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Driver for Permanent Basis

Hire Permanent Driver on Monthly Basis

Professional drivers for hire

We, at Drive Assist, provide car drivers / chauffeurs to our clients who prefer to relax and leave everything in the capable hands of our experienced drivers, each of whom is security-trained and fully referenced and ready to help make sure that every part of the chauffeur driven journey goes without a hitch. We offer an extremely high level of personal service. Our drivers can be relied on to look their best in impeccable uniforms and to get our client to a club, shopping, office on time. The Permanent Driver or Chauffeur will report daily at our client’s doorstep for which he will draw a monthly salary from our client for the services rendered to them.The monthly drivers are the best solution for the people who have hectic work schedules or those who do not like driving.

The Drive assist team takes utmost care to provide drivers whose backgrounds are thoroughly checked and have vast experience in driving around.

The personal car driver / chauffeur brings in style to the clients as they are chauffeured around and do not have to wait for taxis. Be it day or night, formal meetings or late-night parties, our chauffeurs see that the clients reach home safe.

The permanent chauffeur will cater to any member of the family or even to drop off the client's friend or relative on the instructions given by the client.

What can our client expect from the chauffeurs provided by the Drive assist team?

  • The drivers will be polite and co-operative.
  • They will follow the client's instructions.
  • The drivers will be well dressed and well-mannered and will be ready to work day and night.
  • Follow the rules as explained by the client.
  • Most importantly the drivers will be punctual.

Drive Assist takes the responsibility to provide the best permanent chauffeurs for our clients. Our clients can book a permanent driver at or call on +91-9582901494 , +91-9991151178.

We hope to serve our clients by providing the best for the long-term relationship.

Hire Permanent Office Drivers in Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon
Office drivers

Driving to and from the office daily can be a hassle considering the city traffic and the long wait. Let us DriveU while you rest at the back, take a quick nap, have a little bite, hum to some nice music or slip out a magazine to your destination!

Rent a Permanent Car Driver to assist kids to school
Let us Assist kids to school

Reaching the school safely on time and getting back home secure, is what we want all as parents want. With DriveU, it is now hassle free. No need to stuff your little one in a packed van with an untrustworthy driver; instead let them commute in your own car with or without you along with a trustworthy, trackable driver!

Drivers to drop you at Club, Gym, Doctor


Drivers to drop you at Club, Gym, Doctor

Driver to drop you and your family at Office or school

Office on Time

Driver to drop you and your family at Office or school

Permanent driver will report you daily at your home

Daily Reporting

Permanent driver will report you daily at your home

Salaried Permanent driver will draw a monthly salary

Salaried Drivers

Permanent driver will draw a monthly salary