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Noida, the busy streets, the lofty skyscrapers reveal the true spirit of Noida. So we provide convenience at every level to the user if the person wants to explore the city or move towards the destination. Drive Assist provides drivers to make your trip comfortable and relaxing while in the stressful jam. Our Drivers follow all the safety guidelines in terms of Pandemic period or provide the secure environment in the ultramodern city. Blended with modern advancements, you get our drivers in just one click. So enjoy your trip and take all advancement of booking facilities with Drive Assist.

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Drive Assist with its service of providing drivers at your door makes it convenient for you to have your own personal driver. Just one call and Drive Assist brings you the professional car driver at your doorstep.

Hire a reliable and affordable driver easily for all your driving needs. Whether you want to go out for shopping, an official meeting, hanging out with friends or want to return home safely after a late night party, Drive Assist driver service is always available for you. Also our drivers are at your service when you are planning for an outstation trip with your friends, family or colleagues.

We understand how difficult it is to find a driver in Noida, especially when you need it on an urgent basis. This is the reason we have made it convenient for you to hire a driver by contacting Drive Assist.

In spite of asking your friends or other drivers or nearby people for a driver, just dial on +91-9582901494. Hire a driver urgently and get your problem finding and hiring a driver resolved with Drive Assist. You don’t need to bother too much for getting the driver’s verification done because we do it for you. You just need to hire the already verified drivers.

You can become comfortable and sure about the skills of the hired driver and then your search stops. Also if the time comes when the driver goes to visit his village for a few days, you don’t have to worry about it because we will still be there with our services. In any case, you will not have to worry about the whole process of finding, hiring and replacing drivers. We do it all for you.

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In Noida, whether you reside in Gaur City, Sector 50, Sector 18, Sector 15, Sector 29, Noida Extension, Sector 143, Sector 55, Sector 73, Sector 93, Sector 40, Sector 62, or any other place, you get the convenience of having your own personal verified driver with just a call on +91-9582901494 or a mail on booking@driveassists.com.

Drive Assist brings you the service of hiring professional drivers which lets you hire drivers in Noida on hourly basis or for outstation trips. Choose our trusted, verified, trained and fully vaccinated drivers at an affordable rate. We provide you the perfect solution in Noida for your travelling issues. From daily commuting to your work to a weekend getaway, Drive Assist allows you to sit back like a boss and relax while our drivers make you reach your destination safely with as many stop overs you want.

Also when you need a driver after a late night party, our drivers are available for your service with special night time charges. This lets you enjoy the peace of mind of reaching back home safely.


There are many reasons why people prefer choosing Drive Assist over any other. Following are the most important reasons which make us the best choice:

1. Reliable and Trusted
We understand how important safety and security are when the steering is in someone else’s hands. You can rely and trust on our driver service, as Drive Assist has all their drivers verified with their personal and professional backgrounds. All our drivers are professional so you don’t have to compromise with the most important aspect when planning to hire a driver. We keep a record of their details.

2. Convenient & Easy
When you need a driver urgently, it becomes really frustrating to follow a long time consuming process to find one. This is the reason Drive Assist makes it convenient and easy for you to find and hire a driver in Noida. You just need to call on +91-9582901494 or mail our Customer Support team on booking@driveassists.com. Or if some of you are very comfortable with technology, then simply hire a driver by filling the booking form available on our website driveassists.com

3. Affordable
We understand that the need of hiring a driver is a necessity for most of you. And this is the reason Drive Assist provides you the driver service at an affordable and pocket-friendly price.

4. Connect with the nearby driver
Once you have reached out to us, we make sure to connect you with the nearby driver in Noida so that you get the fast service and your time is saved.

5. Find your Driver from the vast option of multiple Drivers
With your search of finding a driver, Drive Assist provides you with a vast option of multiple drivers with your specific requirements and needs. You can hire a driver from the multiple options as per your specifications.

6. No hassle of agent, agencies or contractor
When Drive Assist provides you with the option of driver service, we keep no middleman in the entire process. So it builds a direct relation of trust between you and Drive Assist.