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Despite the availability of having many public transport options, a car drive has its own charm and feeling of relaxation. You may opt for a driver for outstation which will allow you to have multiple stop-over to explore the places in between your source and destination cities. You may have your own vehicle, but self-driving takes the joy out of travel and binds you to the task of driving which can be a very long and tedious task to do. You can travel at your own pace, stop wherever you want, take pictures, spend some time by the hillside or by the river side and conveniently connect with your fellow travellers and enjoy the scenery around.

We, the Drive assist team, contribute by providing driver services / chauffeur to our clients who like to have an outstation trip and return to their sweet home in the comfort of their own vehicle.

The familiarity and comfort of your own vehicle is matchless. Therefore, at Drive assist we give you the option of hiring car drivers / chauffeurs.

The drivers / chauffeurs that we provide are well mannered, punctual, honest, maintain cleanliness, are experienced, aware of the routes in and around the city as well as outstation. The drivers / chauffeurs take utmost care and prioritise the safety of you as well as take care of the car they are driving.

You can opt for hiring a driver for outstation who will drive your own car, the condition of which you are fully aware and confident of. Hiring a driver for your own car also turns out to be more economical. In fact, Drive assist has very competitive prices for outstation trips. Be assured that our drivers for outstation trips are quite experienced, completely trustworthy and absolutely civil. They are also well versed with the routes and places you hire them for.

All in all, when you hire a driver for outstation from Drive assist, you will have one less stress to take care of while planning and executing your road trip. Sit back and enjoy with your friends, loved ones or colleagues.

Drive Assist takes the responsibility to provide the best fares for the outstation round trip. Our clients can book a one way driver at or call on +91-9582901494 , +91-9991151178.

We hope to serve our clients by providing the best for the long-term relationship.

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Outstation Package

Round Trip - Outstation
  • Pay ₹1100 for 12 hour duty.
  • Pay ₹100 for every additional hour.
  • Book 3 hours in advance for an outstation trip.
  • Food (₹300/Day) and accommodation (₹300/day) to be provided by the customer for the driver.
  • A flat fee of ₹150 as Night Charges is levied, if you end your drive between 10PM and 6AM.
  • GST as Applicable.
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