About Us

At Drive Assist, we believe there is a better way to transport people. What we do is transport people using two unique services, chauffeur and On call driver service.

How we do it is part of the secret sauce.

Drive Assist has grown to cover total 130 zip codes in Delhi-NCR by out-caring the competition. This is due in part to the fact that we have experienced hiring experts that hire the best Chauffeurs to drive and provide service. This is also due to our governance model. At Drive Assist, we are focused as much on the people, our customer service, as we are on the profit. As a result, we make transportation affordable, accessible and convenient.

Possible uses include but not limited too.

  • Weekend gateway or outstation trip
  • One way Outstation drop
  • Scheduled servicing of vehicle
  • Business meeting commute
  • Local shopping
  • Drop at home After party
  • Healthcare Emergency at home
  • Pick up/ Drop off at Airport